Fire under the Snow

Article of the week from the icelandic times

Under the mountains behind Reykjavik lies a hidden power
The columns of steam, rising high into the sky, are clearly visible from the capital. Deep below the mountains, the earth is still burning hot and today, that heat provides a source of warmth and electricity for all the capital area.

The Geothermal Energy Exhibition on the Mountain

Just about a 20 minute drive by car, Sterna line or Iceland Excursions-Grayline Iceland coach, the Geothermal Energy Exhibition on Hellisheiði makes a fascinating and educational visit at any time of the year. In many ways, it is even more spectacular in the snowy winter months, providing such a contrast between the conditions on the surface compared to those below ground.
This is the newest and largest geothermal plant in Iceland and Orkusýn provides a rare look into the one of the world‘s most powerful clean energy resources. Multimedia displays and experienced guides explain how Iceland has become a leader in this form of clean energy and you can get a close look at its production.
Refreshments are available in the café while books and DVD‘s about geothermal energy are to be found at the souvenir area. If you would like to get a better understanding of clean energy, this is the best place to visit.