See & Do

Every area of Iceland has its own character.

Although most visitors come here for the majestic scenery, more and more want to learn about Icelandic national heritage and experience its contemporary culture. There are museums and exhibitions all over the country, telling the story of Icelandic life and history, and rural communities offer unique insights into their local culture. As you explore Iceland’s past, monsters, elves, trolls, ghosts, and Viking settlers come to life.

Outdoor experiences in Iceland are also one of a kind, whether you are looking for solitude in nature, to explore the country’s flowers and rocks, or to observe birds and seals in their natural habitat.

Icelandic travel companies offer more adventurous tours, such as whale watching, deep sea angling, ice climbing, jeep and glacier trips, horse riding excursions, kayaking, and all sorts of excitement for families and individuals alike.

When you visit Iceland, the only limit is your imagination.