Trout Fishing Season

There are outstanding trout fishing opportunities in Iceland, with a huge number of trout fishing rivers all over the country. Char is the most common freshwater fish in Iceland and is also found in rivers and lakes all over the island. Most of the lakes and colder rivers in Iceland offer both brown trout and char. Demand is not high and so fishing licences can be had at short notice and reasonable cost.


Facilities vary widely, from a few high-quality fishing lodges, which offer guiding, to the more common self-catering lodges. It is important to bring warm clothing, rainwear and a windcheater in case of bad conditions, as the weather can change quite rapidly in Iceland.

Fly fishing

Fishing with worms and spinners is often successful, but fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular, especially the use of dry flies. The most common flies for brown trout are various Streamers and Nobblers, and sometimes small flies such as Peter Ross, Black Zulu, Adler Adams, Black Gnat, and Wulff Royal.

If you have never landed a sea trout, then you should seriously consider giving it a try.

Here is a list of trout fishing lakes and rivers:

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