Spring In Iceland

Spring is a great time to visit Iceland and get the best of both worlds, with pleasant weather and lower prices. With most tourists visiting during the summer high season, between mid-June and mid-August, in spring you’ll find fewer crowds and hotel prices dropping by up to 30–40%. Airfares are also cheaper at this time.

Spring in Iceland is much like that in any other European country or North America, rough and cold at the start and mild and pleasant by the end. In March, the weather is still cold, with lots of rain and snow, and about 12 hours of daylight. In early March, you may even still be able to see the Northern Lights.

In April, Icelanders celebrate the First Day of Summer, often in frosty weather. This tradition relates to the Old Norse calendar and sees parades, events and parties all around the country.

By May, the days become increasingly longer and warmer, and, towards the end of the month, it is bright for almost 24 hours a day.

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