For a country with such a chilly name, Iceland is actually quite mild during the winter months. For that reason, skiing and snowboarding in Iceland usually include a trip up into the mountains surrounding Reykjavík.

Blue Mountains

Situated about 30 minutes from Reykjavík, Bláföll (or the Blue Mountains) is the country’s most popular skiing area. The mountain has 11 lifts serving terrain that is well suited to anyone, from beginners to more advanced skiers and boarders. However, the best part of the day’s skiing may be the view you will enjoy from the top of the mountain. On clearer days, it is easy to see the entire southwest corner of Iceland stretching out to the sea. For a quick family outing, there is a free ski and sled hill on the eastern side of the city.


If you have more time, then you should visit Akureyri, in the north of Iceland, which has the best lift-serviced mountains in the country. The snow is deeper and the resorts larger, offering great winter skiing and snowboarding.

Extreme skiing

If you are more interested in extreme skiing and snowboarding adventures in Iceland, there are literally hundreds of mountains to choose from for a backcountry powder hunt. Experienced guides are easy to find through specialty shops around town or by contacting one of the ski areas below for more information and advice.

If you are looking for something even more adventurous, then you can go Arctic Heli skiing on the Tröllaskagi peninsula, glacier skiing, or even sailboat skiing.

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