- Motorhome Rental is a family business that specializes in motorhome rental enabling people to travel around Iceland in a simple and budget friendly way. offers VW Transporters with syncro for rental in Iceland.


This family business is based on decades of professional driver experience with a specialty in operating cars. In light of that experience we offer VW Transporter high-roof motorhomes, because of its excellent driving features, low failure rate, economical gas usage and safety in driving on Iceland’s unpaved roads – because of the syncro drive.   

These experienced vehicles are kept in excellent condition because we provide regular maintenance and ensure they are reviewed by a certified workshop.
We also offer VW Transporter minivan for 9 persons with good luggage space.


All our motorhomes are equipped with simple cooking facilities and all major kitchenware. Our sleep gear options allow our clients to choose between traditional bed linen and sleeping bags. Most of our VW Transporters feature an elevated roof design, which allows travelers to stand upright which enhances comfort and safety of your travel experience.

When selecting our motorhomes considers all possible travel scenarios therefore enabling you to trek around almost all of Iceland’s varied terrain.
Most of our VW Transporters are equipped with syncro 4x4 drive. What that means is that our vehicles have a front wheel drive capable until sudden effort or road conditions cause the back wheel drive to kick in automatically making the vehicle 4 wheel drive. This means gas savings for you as the vehicle only becomes 4 wheel drive when you need it.


Snail 1 VW Transporter high-roof (syncro)     270 EUR / DAY

Included in rental

  • Customer pick-up within the Reykjavík area
  • Suitable for highland driving (F-roads)
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • 24 hour service if needed
  • Able to stand upright in the cars
  • Seat for 2-5 persons
  • Sleeping for 2 adults and 2-3 children
  • Kitchenette includes gas stove and sink
  • Kitchenware, pot and a pan
  • Cutlery to fit customers
  • Linens or sleeping bags
  • Curtains
  • Radio / CD / mp3 / USB
  • 230V  to charge cameras, ipots and mobiles
  • Icelandic road map
  • Personal service

Contact Information

Address - Motorhome Rental
Tangarhöfða 2,
110 Reykjavík
Reykjavík and adjacent
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