Fjardarborg restaurant

The restaurant and community center Fjarðarborg

This is the place to go to if you're hungry or if you want to listen to live music. We have very good hamburgers and sandwiches but our main pride is our local food, cod and lamb. In july and august we have many live concerts in Fjarðarborg. In july Jónas Sigurðsson is doing a line of conserts ,,dancing with elves". He will play 18 concerts in 21 days! And the week before the music festival ,,Bræðslan" there will be 3 popular icelandic bands playing in Fjarðarborg and Magni Ásgeirsson our local hero will be singing here amongst other local artists. The first weekend in august we also have the ,,Alfrockopportunity" wich is another festival. There is always something going on í Fjarðarborg! The company that runs Fjarðarborg is ,,Já sæll ehf". or if you prefer ,,Yes hello ehf. You are very welcome in Fjarðarborg Borgarfirði eystri!

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Fjardarborg restaurant

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