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Overview, Whale Watching Tour

Life of Whales has been operating whale watching tours since 2005 with great success. We commit to provide high quality tours, good prices with personal service while taking part with the passengers in an adventure at sea. So for a 3 hour whale watching tour ANDREA becomes an ideal cruiser for people with high modern travelling standard who want to add something special to their sea cruise experience. We feel that we can now offer a great tours with the finest ship available and we are confident that the moment you step aboard you will agree.

About the tour and the ship - Reykjavík

Our whale watching tours are 3 hours long and include a stop by the Puffin Island during the Puffin season/Lundey (15th of May – 15th of August). You may bear witness to several different types of whales, including; Minke-whales, Harbor Porpoises, White-beaked Dolphins and even the fun Humpback whales in their natural habitat. You may also spot variety of sea birds such as Gannets, Guillemots, Cormorants, Gulls, Kittiwakes and Arctic Terns. Every tour is different and unique.

Our ship ANDREA has spacious and finely decorated public areas with huge windows, six toilets and a café with refreshments for your convenience. Extra large windows let you enjoy the tour in comfort and warmth without missing a thing. Larger viewing deck boasts a fantastic panoramic view to capture the fantastic scenery around for your convenience. All passengers are encouraged to have their camera ready because they will find many great photo-shoot opportunities during the tour. Our captains welcome any curious passenger to come visit the wheelhouse and see how the equipment works. Our guides use their experience to help you locate the animals, describe what is seen and where to look and use their scientific knowledge to answer your questions. Safety and comfort are our main concern but above all this is your holiday, your tour, your experience and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible!


  • Safety and comfort
  • More stability due to vessel size
  • Guides on every tour
  • Larger viewing deck and bigger windows
  • Café with refreshments on board
  • Free pick-up in the capital area
  • Warm overalls provided on board
  • Guaranteed whale sighting or another tour for free

The whale watching tour - Reykjavik

Iceland has some of the most fertile feeding grounds in the North Atlantic and herds of whales are moving through all the oceans of our planet. With such abundant ocean the waters around Reykjavík attract numerous species of whales to Iceland’s shores for nourishment. With an opportunity to bear witness up to 4 types of cetaceans in just one 3 hour tour Reykjavík becomes an ideal destination to admire these impressive giants. We usually sail only just about 10 miles out from Reykjavík’s waterfronts where you get to discover variety of many species, observe their ecology, relation and forms of socialization. Experienced guides are always on board to inform you about the trip, where to look, describe what can be observed together with an introduction and safety guidelines. The guides make sure that all questions gets answered so better understanding about the complexity of wild life can be obtained. Whales commonly seen are Minke whales, White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbor Porpoises and also even the magnificent Humpback whale. It’s truly a special experience to observe these giant mammals in their natural habitat but since it’s a big ocean other interesting species could be seen on tours as well. Interestingly enough the whales do not seem to mind when the boat comes close to them and frequently they surface within just few meters from the vessel. While on the whale sighting grounds you are usually accompanied by various sea birds that can be spotted as well, such as Gannets, Puffins, Guillemots, Cormorants, Gulls, Kittiwakes and Arctic Terns.

Departure location: LIFE OF WHALES tours start at the Old Harbour of Reykjavík, only 5 minutes walk from the city centre.

Online bookings: Until 1 hour prior to departure

Duration: 3 hours
  • Adults 7000 ISK / 45 EUR
  • Children 7–15 yrs 3000 ISK / 20 EUR
  • Children 0–6 yrs Free

Tour departures:

Summer schedule: EVERY DAY

April        May    June - July - August    September   October
12:55       08:55             08.55                     08.55            12:55
                12:55             12.55                     12.55            

Winter schedule: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Nov            Des            Jan          Feb            March
12:55         12:55          12:55       12:55            12:55

Tour Pick-up: Pick up & drop off: Before and after tour is included in the price. Pick up from hotels/guesthouses in Reykjavik will be 45-15 minutes prior departure.


  • More safety features
  • More comfort
  • More stability
  • More space
  • Better outside view
  • Bigger windows
  • Guides on every tour
  • Café with refreshments on board
  • Free pick-up in the capital area
  • Warm overalls provided on board
  • Guaranteed whale sighting or another tour for free
  • Tour duration: The whale watching tour take three hours
  • Clothing & Comfort: To make your excursion even more pleasurable, be sure to bring warm and comfortable clothing. A spacious and comfortable inside areas are available with larger windows for better viewing.
  • Included: Warm overalls provided on board, English speaking guide on every tour,
  • Guides: We offer skilful guides to tell you about whales and birds and other interesting animals we might encounter during the tour.
  • Season: All year round
  • Location of tour: We are located at The Old Harbour of Reykjavík, only 5 minutes walk from the city centre.

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Life of whales – whale watching – Reykjavík

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