Vestmannaeyjar at a new level

Ribsafari offers a fun and thrilling novelty in tourism in Vestmannaeyjar. Ride onboard a rigid inflatable boat (R.I.B) We have many selection of excursions to please you and custom excursions are also available. 

Example of excursions

  • BBQ tour
  • Around Heimaey
  • Trip to Súlnasker

Diverse birdlife

Vestmannaeyjar are known for it's diverse birdlife.
The marine life is colorful in the summer time and we often get to see orcas (killer whales), and other species of whales and dolphins are also common.

Opening hours
1st May to 1st November
From 9 every day

Price information is available on our website

*Ribsafari reserves the rights to change schedules and/or shorten trips according to the captain's assessment of the weather and sea conditions.

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900 Vestmannaeyjum
the South
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