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Puffin Scooters

Activity rental is a scooter, electric scooter, roller-blade, electric bike and fishing rod rental located at the Reykjavik downtown harbor area.

The Activity rental:

Be your own guide and explore the capital’s main attractions on your terms and schedule in a memorable way. To help you out, use our road maps with suggested highlighted routes and places to see.

An example of a route we suggest:

Grotta – the relaxed route:
Ideal for those who want a tranquil journey through the very west end side of Reykjavik and the old city centre. Enjoy the beautiful oceanic scenery and diverse birdlife while driving along the seaside out to Grotta. At Grotta you will find a small thermal pool to dip your feet in and a lighthouse located on an island that can only be reached by foot when the tight is out. On this route you’ll find a healing swimming pool, a medical museum, the catholic church Landakotskirkja, the Maritime museum and other interesting sights and places.

The scooter tours:
For those who prefer more guidance, take a two-hour informative and fun scooter tour with a professional guide and discover the history of Reykjavik and its highlights. If you have more than two hours and feel like you need to dig deeper into the mysteries of the city, we also offer tailor cut tours. Just make sure to book in advance and don’t forget your driver’s license and ID!

  • For bookings please call 00-354-6153535 or e-mail us
  • For further information go to our website



Going around Reykjavik on a scooter is probably the best way to look around and have fun at the same time. Just remember to bring your driver´s license!

  • Electric scooters: If you don’t have a driver’s license but love the feeling of freedom while driving on a scooter our electric scooters are the perfect option for you. They may be slow, but they are fun, quiet, and easy to manage, eco-friendly and only to be driven on sidewalks and bike paths.
  • Electric bikes: Cycling on a sustainable electric bike is even easier than riding on a normal bike. Fill your lungs with clean air and enjoy the freedom of riding on an eco-friendly vehicle around and about.
  • Rollerblades: For those who prefer more exercise, rolling around on rollerblades is the perfect way to spend a memorable day in the city center. We offer rollerblades in sizes for the whole family.
  • Fishing rods: Need some time out? Spend a quiet afternoon at the Reykjavik harbor and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the area. The fish is usually plentiful but we endorse the “catch and release” program.
A real kick scooter
If your age is somewhere between 12 and 98 then the Xootr-scooter is a superb option for you to roam around the center of Reykjavik. You won´t only save your money and your shoes but also the environment. It is going to be hard for you not to smile while riding this quality scooter made for adults that haven´t forgotten how to have fun like a child.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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