Fjörður Shopping Mall


The Shopping Mall Fjordur in downtown Hafnarfjordur is definitely the heart of shopping, service and communications in the town of Hafnarfjordur, only 10 minutes drive fromReykjavik.
Fjordur will be 18 years old in november 2012. On the whole business and services in the mall have increased steadily since its establishment.
Approximately 30,000 to 35,000 persons visit Fjordur Mall every week.

Shops and services

Out of the 29 businesses and services which now are situated in Fjordur, 11 have been there from the beginning.
In the mall there are all kinds of shops and services. To mention af few there are fasion shops for men and women, an optician, bank, bakery, coffee house, telephone shop, a food supermarket, hairdresser, shoe shop, pharmacy, post office, toy shop, shop with sporting goods, a vine shop etc.

And in addition there are various offices of the town‘s social services and a center of medical doctors. Parking lots are outside and in the cellar of the Mall, were people can use the services of a company which specializes in cleaning, washing and polishing cars.


On Fridays and Saturdays there are frequently all kinds of happenings and a temporary market is put up on the corridors of the shopping mall with diverse and interesting products for low prices. Among those are handicraft, stock fish (dried cod) and the athosphere is great.

We urge you to visit us to experience a fun atmosphere in Fjordur and what we call the vivacious „ Hafnarfjorduresque“ aura.

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