Argentina Steakhouse

A Gourmet Experience to Remember

Iceland is a land of secrets, waiting to be discovered. For those who love good food, wines and spirits, the only give-away is a flag hanging above two gates on a side-street just off Laugavegur’s shopping street. Here, at the end of a dark hallway is a large wooden door with an ornate handle that opens into one of the most popular and respected restaurants in Iceland. Popular, that is, with people in the know! This hidden epicurean jewel has been sought out by visitors from all over the world for the past 22 years.

At Argentina steakhouse you are not just offered a meal, as this is not an ‘eat-and-run restaurant’ but an evening’s gourmet experience. No matter what your choice from the menu, you are guaranteed a meal to remember for its presentation, flavour, texture and originality.

However, the meal is the culmination of that experience. Before anything touches your taste buds, your other senses are immersed in the rich leather and wood, the intimate lighting and atmosphere of the rustic, Argentinean-style decor, the music and the tantalising aromas. Enjoying a drink from the large selection of fine wines and spirits stocked at the bar in front of the fire crackling in the hearth, relaxing in the comfortable chairs of one of the lounges, provides the perfect ambiance to the start of your evening.

Steaks are the hallmark of Argentina’s cuisine. Icelandic beef is untouched by drugs, additives or steroids. They have been genetically unaltered over the 1,000 years since the first settlers. Allowed to grow slowly, they have developed just the right amount of fat necessary for the meat to grill perfectly and the muscles are finer, so the steak is succulent and tender. Icelandic lamb is renowned for its unspoilt, natural growth as they roam unrestrained in the mountain wilderness pastures, free from additives or hormones, colouring or enhancers – and that shows in its tenderness and taste! Also on the menu is a wide range of carefully selected fresh seafood, shellfish and lobster, to provide a choice for every palate.

Char grilled to perfection, the steaks are complemented by the red and white wine selection from all the major countries and regions, or Champagne and sparkling wines, all served by attentive waiters and waitresses. The desert menu complements the main meal with its range of both Icelandic and international choices.

There is no incentive to rush out once you have finished your meal. There are plenty of comfortable couches and chairs in which to relax and enjoy an after-dinner glass of quality cognac, whiskey, port or liqueurs. Argentina is also the most popular venue to buy cigars, though the restaurant is now a smoke-free area.

Although the restaurant can seat up to 120 guests, including two banquet rooms that seat up to 16 and 20 guests respectively, Fridays and Saturdays are always fully-booked.

Opening hours:

  • Sunday-Thursday from 6 pm to midnight
  • Friday-Saturday from 5:30 pm to 1 am
  • (The kitchen closes 1 ½ hours before closing time.)

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Argentina Steakhouse
Barónsstíg 11a,
101 Reykjavík
Reykjavík and adjacent
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