Built-up around the local schools, Laugarvatn is a longestablished hamlet in Laugardalur valley, sitting above huge quantities of geothermal water. Legend says that after their execution at Skálholt in 1550, the bodies of the last Catholic bishop, Jón Arason, and his sons, were washed in a warm pool, Vígðalaug, by the lake before being sent north for burial. Several rocks by the pool have been named Líksteinar (Corpse Rocks). Icelandic Fountain of Wellness opened in summer 2011.

Mt. Laugarvatnsfjall An ideal place for a panoramic view of the many trails that can be followed around Lake Laugarvatn. The easiest approach is up the shoulder by the ski lift. The mountain is wide and flat at the top, so it is worth walking right around it for a complete view. Gullborg, also offering a panoramic view, can be approached by car from Miðdalur.

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