Snæfell mountain, towering to 1,833  m, is the highest mountain in Iceland outside Vatnajökull. The mountain can be climbed fairly easily, and most departures are from a mountain hut beneath its western slope, or from Sandfell, on the north side. A reasonably good road leads to Snæfell that is passable in summer. It is possible to leave Egilsstaðir in the morning, drive to the mountain, climb it, and be back in the evening. While Snæfell is itself beautiful, the view it offers is fabulous, and almost half of Iceland and the oasis of Eyjabakkar. Eyjabakkar is a choice habitat for geese, and reindeer can frequently be spotted west of Snæfell, towards Hálslón reservoir, as well as elsewhere in the East Iceland highlands. From Snæfell there is an easy access to Vatnajökull

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