Norðfjörður in Fjarðabyggð

Norðfjörður is located to the north of Norðfjörður fjord, the northernmost of three fjords that make up Norðfjarðarflói Bay; the other two are Hellisfjörður and Viðfjörður, famous for ghostly occurrences. Three valleys extend from the fjord: Oddsdalur, Seldalur and Gannardalur, all vegetated with shrubs. The town began expanding during the latter part of the 19th century, but it was not until 1949 that Norðfjörður had a land route to neighbouring towns. The route went over Oddskarð, one of Iceland’s highest mountains, which is very difficult to traverse during winter snows. A tunnel, 626 m long and 632 m above sea level, was built during 1974-1977. Oddskarð is the centre for winter sports for the area. The town has a museum centre which contains various museums.

Avalanche defence structures above the town in Norðfjörður are massive structures designed to protect against show avalanches. Hiking paths lead up to the structures, from which the view is breathtaking. There are also paths leading from there to the nature reserve east of Neskaupsstaður – a route that definitely should not be missed. The path leading to the Páskahellir cave is dotted with information signs and is a wonderful and informative walk.

Rauðubjörg is a set of lovely rhyolite rocks located in Barðsnes by Norðfjarðarflói. The residents of Norðfjörður have long said that the sun shimmering on Rauðubjörg in the evening signals fine weather for the following day.

Hiking Path: Gerpissvæði

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