Serrano Restaurant

What can you expect at Serrano?
Very briefly: Delicious, healthy, and affordable Mexican food.
Briefly: Tasty fast food. You choose a combination from the menu or make up your own, and we make it for you in a flash. If you’ve got time to spare, you can eat in and enjoy a cold beer and South American tunes with your meal (selected restaurants only).
If you are interested: Our menu is incredibly simple, but at the same time very varied. You choose between burritos, quesadillas, or nachos, and pick your filling and sides from the counter. We pride ourselves in offering only the freshest food. All our ingredients are freshly prepared and all our sauces are made from scratch on the premises. We prepare your order in a flash—but being fast is the only thing that our food has in common with other notorious forms of fast food.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you need not worry, as every ingredient we use is very carefully labeled.

If you are very interested: Why not just pay us a visit?

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Serrano Restaurant
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Serrano Restaurant Branches

  1. Serrano Hringbraut - veitingahús

  2. Serrano Smáralind - veitingahús

  3. Serrano Dalshrauni - veitingahús

  4. Serrano Bíldshöfða - veitingahús

  5. Serrano - skrifstofa

  6. Serrano Höfðatorg - veitingahús

  7. Serrano Spöng

  8. Serrano Akureyri

  9. Serrano Nýbýlavegi ehf

  10. Serrano Kringlan - veitingahús

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