Bird Watching in Djúpivogur

Djúpivogur is a great haven for birds. The locals have been working at making the area more accessible for birdwatchers. Many different species of birds nest in the area and many more stop there. The environment of the Djúpivogur lakes and ponds is easily accessible for bird watching. The migrating birds come here to the Southeast in great flocks and leave from the same point. There are also many wandering birds to be seen. Interesting nesting birds of the area include among others:

On the dark sands, south of the big glaciers the Great Skua reigns. Hamarsfjörður and Álftafjörður are also good places for spotting birds. Underneath Þvottá river and Hvalsnesskriður a special fauna can be found, for example the biggest colony of Common Scoters in the country.

Information about birds in Djúpivogur can be found on the website

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