Húsavík in Norðurþing

Húsavík is situated on the eastern shore of Skjálfandi Bay. Fishing and fish processing, along with trade and agricultural processing, are the economic mainstays. The Húsavík museum has noteworthy displays on the history and working methods of the locals. The Húsavík Whale Centre is also a must-see. Tourism to the area has greatly increased in recent years and over 100,000 tourists visit the town annually. The reasons are the variety of activities available, its excellent position amongst magnificent gems of nature, as well as fascinating whale-watching trips in Skjálfandi Bay. In centuries past Húsavík was an export harbour for sulphur from Þingeyjarsýsla county. The Swede Garðar Svavarsson was the first man to discover that Iceland is an island. He spent one winter at Húsavík in 870 AD, four years before settler Ingólfur Arnarson arrived in Iceland. He named the island Garðarshólmi. There are many ties to Sweden and the ‘Garðar’ name in Húsavík, including the Swedish Days festival, held there annually. Húsavík Church, is a beautiful architecture and is open in June-August.

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