Historical Places

Iceland has a rich history and a connection to the past is an essential part of Icelandic culture. There are many sites that reflect this or that are connected to the Sagas, which are the foundation of Icelandic heritage.

Many aspects of Icelandic culture, including the language, remained untouched for centuries because of the country’s isolation. Therefore, many places have a historical importance that dates back as far as the first settlers. Their memory has been preserved through both national treasures and the Sagas.


Þingvellir is one of the most important historical sites in Iceland. It is the home of the oldest parliament in the world and for centuries it served as the main meeting place for the nation, with people gathering there to settle claims and pass laws.

However, you’ll find places of historical interest all over the country. Most are easily accessible, either on foot, by car, or with a guided tour.

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