A robust fishing village located on a cove of the same name on the eastern shore of Eyjafjörður. The community began developing during the 1910´s, and grew significantly after a new harbour was constructed in 1965.


The vast peninsula between Eyjafjörður and Skjálfandi bay, which once was densely populated, is now completely deserted. Svínárnes can be accessed by regular family vehicles, whereas jeeps are required for reaching Grímsnes.

The entire area is ideal for longer hikes.
  • A pleasant hiking path runs from Grenivík to Látrar, from there along Uxaskarð and Keflavíkurdalur, out to Gjögurtá, the furthest point of the peninsula. This area offers plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.
  • There is a considerable amount of lowland in the inland regions, whereas the coastline has many steep cliffs and out by Látur is virtually impassable as a result. The mountain slopes are lined with brooks, some running through deep canyons, and vegetation is ample and very diverse.
Látraströnd has a rich history and is well known as the home of vagrant poet Látra-Björg.

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