Dalvík is a village at the mouth of Svarfaðardalur valley. The main economic activities are the fisheries, industry and trade. In the summer of 1934 a large earthquake damaged or destroyed most houses in the town and vicinity. A folk and natural history museum in town has rooms dedicated to Jóhann Pétursson - Johann the Giant (1913-1984) believed to be the tallest-ever Icelander, and Dr. Kristján Eldjárn (1916-1982), onetime president of Iceland.


In Dalvíkurbyggð you can enjoy Iceland’s magnificent nature close-up by going on whale and bird watching trips, or taking a hike into a nature wonderland. Visit the Great FishDay in August and take part in the Hiking Week in early summer. You can also learn the story of Johann Svarfdæling, the tallest Icelander on record. During winter time Mt. Böggvisstaðafjall offers one of Iceland´s best skiing areas. Visit us in Dalvíkurbyggð and enjoy beautiful nature and living culture, all in one place.


Many interesting walks and hikes of numerous distances can be taken from Dalvík. A popular walk that is suitable for everyone is along the old road around Ólafsfjarðarmúli bluff (now replaced by a tunnel), which offers a panoramic view. Longer trails include the old route over Heljardalsheiði heath, linking Svarfaðardalur valley and the Episcopal seat Hólar in Hjaltadalur, and a choice of three old paths over to the neighbouring town of Ólafsfjörður: via Reykjaheiði, Grímubrekkur and Drangaleið.

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