This is the largest town in northwest Iceland and the only town in the Skagafjörður municipality. Located along the southwest shore on the innermost part of Skagafjörður, settlement began in 1871.

The town has diverse services and activities on offer, including exhibitions, museums, clubs, shops, restaurants, accommodation, hospitals, auto workshop, sports playing field, volleyball court, swimming pool, and more. The shop Verslun Haraldar Júlíussonar, which has been operated without interruption since 1919, is located in Aðalgata. The Minjahúsið museum is also located in Aðalgata; it exhibits four small workshops from the past, among other things.

Beach and bird watching
The slopes above the town are called Nafir and have a series of ancient beach ridges. On the slopes there is also an orientation disk, from which one can enjoy the view over the fjord, and a golf course. East of Sauðárkrókur there is a black sand beach some 4 km long, called Borgarsandur. Slightly to the south, by Áshildarholtsvatn lake, is an area with vibrant bird life and bird information signs. The estuaries of Héraðsvötn, Miklavatn and Áshildarholtsvatn, just south of Sauðárkrókur, also have a teeming bird life. The number of bird species rivals that of Lake Mývatn.

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