Hofsós is a small village on the eastern shore of Skagafjörður. At one time it was the region’s main trading centre, and is one of the oldest still existing.

Pakkhúsið in Hofsós is an old warehouse from the days of the Danish trade monopoly that has been restored and now houses the Skagafjörður Regional Folk Museum. It is believed that trading began there in the 16th century. In addition, a local museum,

The Icelandic Emigration Centre
, has been opened where the emigration of Icelanders to North America is recounted. There you’ll find various exhibitions connected to the migration of Icelanders to America and their way of living on the new continent. The old centre of Hofsós is being rebuilt and has regained the charm of an old bustling commercial community and is definitely worth a closer look. The shoreline at Hofsós is also well worth exploring, particularly because of the very beautiful columnar basalt formations.

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