Hof in Vatnsdalur

Hof is a town in the eastern part of Vatnsdalur valley. Ingimundur Þorsteinsson the Old claimed this land, which leads from Helgavatn lake to Urðarvatn, in the year 900. Ingimundur joined Harald Fairhair in Hafursfjörður, and gained his friendship. It then occurred that, in the middle of a winter sacrifice festival, a seer made a prophecy to Ingimundur that he would live in a land called Iceland, become a man of honour and have a great clan in that country. Ingimundur was a chieftain of the Vatnsdæla family while he lived. In the pasture outside Hof is a small hillock, Goðhóll, which is said to be the location of Ingimundur's place of pagan worship. A beautiful tree grove has been growing there since 1927 and includes the Icelandic poplar tree.

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