Hiking Trails in West Húnaþing


Is a thermal area at Tvídægra. Part of the hot spring emerges in Síká river, where it is possible to bathe in two geothermal hot springs. There is a lodge, and marked trails lead from the deserted farm, Fosssel.


Marked walking trails lead from west to east over Mt. Vatnsfjall, between Káraborg above Hvammstangi (linkur), where there is a good view, and Grundar. A marked sealwatching spot is at Svalbarði. The coastal landscapes are very diverse, and in bright weather the view to Strand is beautiful. A marked trail leads to Hvítserkur (linkur), a short distance from Osar, where the chances of seeing seals are very good. Arctic tern nesting area.


Only a short distance to the bird-watching lodge at the pond. A special path for disabled people which leads to a bird watching house.

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