Draugasetrið - The Ghost Centre

The Ghost Centre features all of Iceland’s most famous ghosts. Ghost appearances are frequently mentioned in the sagas, dating back to the beginning of Icelandic history.  Ghosts can appear in all living shapes or forms and some of these are still around today. Upon entry, guests are provided with an mp4 player to guide them through the 24 ghost stories. Guests walk through the ghost-maze, where they will experience the stories in the environment where the spooky tales actually happened. The stories can be listened to in Chinese,  English, German, French, Scandinavian, Japanese, Russian and Icelandic. In the reception area guests will find our Ghost Bar with drinks and a fabulous view of the ocean. In the Ghost Bar guests are joined by a few ghosts, one of which, the Brennivínsdrauginn (alcohol ghost), sits in a corner watching over guests while they visit. This ghost is quite kind, of Danish blood, and likes the taste of liquor.

The Ghost Center is located in the same building as the Icelandic Wonders museum.

Opening hours:

June, July, August:
Open daily from 1 pm to 6 pm.
September to May:
We open for individuals and groups upon request

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Draugasetrið - The Ghost Centre

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