New Years Eve

Iceland is a popular New Year’s destination, and for good reason – Icelanders certainly know how to celebrate!

Most Icelanders begin the evening with a family meal, usually smoked pork or lamb. After dinner, many people head to one of the community bonfires that take place all over the country, to gather together and sing seasonal songs. Later on, everyone heads home to watch the annual comedy TV show Áramótaskaup, a satirical review of the year that shows little mercy towards its victims, including artists, politicians, and business people. It’s an important part of the evening for locals, so don’t be surprised if everything goes quiet for an hour or so.

As soon as show finishes, and midnight approaches, the fireworks begin. Almost every home in Iceland sets off its own fireworks, and you’ll find everyone out in their gardens, or on the street, lighting up the night. The result is an amazing spectacle across the skyline. If you are in Reykjavík, then Perlan is a good place to watch it all happen.

As the fireworks finish, the party really begins, with people meeting in parties and nightclubs, to dance and celebrate until dawn.

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