Vesturbyggð is a municipality on the southwestern Westfjords. It incorporates the residential towns of Patreksfjörður, Bíldudalur and Birkimelur on Barðaströnd. Between them is Tálknafjörður, which is an independent municipality. Vesturbyggð is the site of Látrabjarg, one of the most spectacular bird cliffs in the country and a popular destination for tourists. Bjargtangar, on the cliff's west side, is the westernmost point of Europe.

 Hikes in Vesturbyggð

Several enjoyable walking trailshave been marked in Vesturbyggð:
  • Selárdalsheiði heath. Walk from Sellátrar to Krossadalur over Selárdalsheiði heath and down Selárdalur to Uppsalir where a church is located as well as works by artist Samúel Jónsson (20 km).
  • Walk from Tálknafjörður over Tunguheiði heath down to Bíldudalur (10 km).
  • Lambeyrarháls. Walk from Patreksfjörður over Lambeyrarháls down into Tálknafjörður (7 km).
  • Walking trail from Sauðlauksdalur over Vatnsdalsfjall mountain to Keflavík (13 km).
  • From Hnjótur over Hnjótsheiði heath to Keflavík (11 km).
  • From Lambavatn lake along Sandsfjöll to Keflavík (8 km).
  • Walking trail from Breiðavík to Keflavík (10 km).

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