Vatnsdalur Westfjords

Vatnsdalur is a valley leading in from Vatnsfjörður on Barðaströnd. It was here that Raven-Flóki spent a winter around 865. Before the permanent settlement, and after forgetting to prepare for the winter, he gave the country the name Iceland to keep people away. There is a picturesque lake, a river, rowan growing among dwarf birch shrub, and diverse bird life.

Brjánslækur, near the mouth of Vatnsfjörður, is an old church site and now the point of call for the ferry from Stykkishólmur across Breiðafjörður Bay. Just above the hamlet is Surtarbrandsgil (Lignite Gully), a protected natural site where fossilized plant remains from warm Ice Age interglacial periods are found.

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