The Reykhólasveit District is renowned for its natural beauty and birdlife. Reykhólar is a historic site once considered among the best farmlands in Iceland. About 300 offshore islands belong to the district. In ancient times wheat was grown there. Reykhólar is often mentioned in the Sagas. Today, the local communityís economy is based mainly on harvesting and processing kelp. When driving to Reykhólar, the road passes Barmahlíð, about which poet Jon Thoroddsen wrote “My beautiful hillside ...“


Reykhólar District. The hiking map of the countryside around Reykhólar describes nine main hiking routes plus several shorter ones. Two of them are:
  • Vaðalfjöll, along the roadside trail just east of Bjarkalundur. Vaðalfjöll are two beautifully formed rock pillars that are best approached from the west. One can return the same way or walk west until the old highway is reached, and then follow it towards Kinnarstaðir and from there to Bjarkalundur along the old road.
  • Reykhólar, a walking trail around Einireykjastígur from the swimming pool to Einireykjahver where there is a gravel trail with bridges over marshy areas thriving with bird life. Walk first along the trench and then the stream to the shop Jonsbud. There is also a walking trail at Mávavatn.

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