Blue Lagoon SPA

Blue Lagoon City Spa located in the heart of Reykjavík near Laugardalur, the city‘s outdoor area, A visit to the spa is an ideal a a part of the visit to the capital.

The spa offers Blue Lagoon spa treatments bases on the active Blue Lagoon ingredients, silica and algae. The Blue Lagoon spa menu consists of treatments based on Blue Lagoon active elements minerals, silica and algae and creative use of selected Icelandic elements including lava dust from the lava field surrounding the Blue Lagoon. The treatments are developed in-house exclusively for the Blue Lagoon company by its team of spa and skin care professionals.


The signature treatments are: silica wrap treatment combined with body and face massage, nourishing and relaxing algae treatment, lava deluxe exfoliation, silica massage and special deluxe Blue Lagoon massage. This unique massage is designed by Blue Lagoon’s specialists who have selected the strokes that work most effectively with the special Blue Lagoon products to provide maximum effects. All general beauty treatments are also available.

Blue Lagoon Skin Care products are an important part of each treatment. The skin care line is a true naturceutical product line based on the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater and its active ingredients; minerals, silica and algae and represent a perfect harmony between nature and science. The Blue Lagoon active ingredients are sustainably sourced and production methods are green and environmentally friendly.
For the ones looking for the ultimate relaxation the  floating treatment is ideal. A deep meditation treatment floating in a strong salt solution with natural Blue Lagoon minerals. It is an unusual experience for both body and mind. The rejuvenating effect is shown to be equivalent to eight hours of sleep.


A visit to the spa is a perfect choice for smaller groups looking for relaxation in a unique setting. Light refreshments can be ordered to enjoy in the spa.  Guests relax in the warm and comfortable relaxation area with access to steam baths and saunas indoor and outdoor and hot tubs with both fresh thermal water and salt water Guests at the Spa have access to Hreyfing Health Club offering modern facilities, the newest equipments and a selection of classes.

Blue Lagoon spa experience is founded on a unique natural source – the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater known for its healing power and active elements: minerals, silica and algae that cleanse, boost and nourish skin. The treatments are developed on the site by Blue Lagoon’s experienced team of specialists.

The original massage and treatments take place in the lagoon itself under the open air. Use of Blue Lagoon skin care based on the active elements and the pure white Silica mud mask is the foundation of these extraordinary treatments.

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Blue Lagoon SPA
Álfheimum 74,
104 Reykjavík
Reykjavík and adjacent
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