Vatnsborg and Neshólar

On the road to Öndverðarnes, just west of Skarðsvík, is a parking spot with a signpost marked to Vatnsborg, Neshólar and Grashólahellir. A marked path leads to Vatnsborg, a deep volcanic crater which is impossible to climb into in late summer: the bottom of it becomes covered with thick fern.

A number of interesting walks can be made from Vatnsborg. One is to proceed to the Neshólar hill swarm for a look at Grashólahellir, a cave in Grashóll, the westernmost of the hills. Beautiful lava paths lead down from there and towards Öldungahóll hill, which is the route to Saxhólsbjarg cliff and the lighthouse at Skálasnagi. The cliffs abound with bird life throughout the summer. Numerous other walking trails with unique natural phenomena can be explored all around the area.

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