Geothermal area north of Kjalhraun, one of Iceland’s largest geothermal areas with numerous hot springs. Hveravellir are located in a hollow between the lava field and Breiðamelur at 650 m.

The hot spring Öskurhólshver is situated there. It once made such a loud noise that it could be heard for over a quarter of a mile, according to the travel log of Eggert and Bjarni (around 1760). These springs behave in different ways. Öskurhólshver spouts steam, Bræðrahverir and Eyvindarhver spout little jets of water, and Bláhver and Grænihver are filled with still water. There are numerous deposits from the hot springs and water flows over the edge of them.

Eyvindarhver is named after famous outlaw Fjalla Eyvindur who lived here for a while with his wife Halla. There are existing tales of other outlaws seeking shelter there. A ruin known as Eyvindarkofi (Eyvindur's hut) is in a lava crevasse near Eyvindarhver. Around 1 km south of the Ferðafélag mountain hut are stacked rocks known as Eyvindarrétt. The Icelandic Meteorological Office raised a meteorological station on the gravel bed north of Hveravellir in the summer of 1965. People have lived there until 2004, making daily meteorological notifications when automatic equipment was installed.

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