Horseback Riding

The Icelandic horse has remained unchanged since it was first brought over from Norway by Vikings over 1000 years ago. Iceland’s isolation and harsh climate have led to it becoming one of the most hardy and unique breeds on earth.

The Icelandic horse

Most notable is the horse’s compact and powerful build, which perfectly suits Iceland’s environment. The Icelandic horse is also famous for being the only horse on earth with an extra gait, or walking pattern, and this ‘fifth gait’ makes riding at high speed feel more like relaxing on a couch.

Renting a horse

If you want to rent a horse in Iceland, then there are plenty of options, with day rentals available throughout the country – even in Reykjavík.  You could also plan an entire horse riding holiday in the countryside.

You’ll find a list of horse rental companies in Iceland below.

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