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Hveragerdi lies in the South of Iceland just 45 km from Reykjavik. Hveragerdi is the hot springs capital of the world and is unofficially the home of Icelandic ice cream.

About NLFI

NLFI stands for Nature Health Association of Iceland and our beautiful SPA has earned a solid reputation both in Iceland and on international grounds for effective yet personal care. Our spa is the oldest sanatorium in Iceland and was founded in 1955 by Jónas Kristjánsson a medical doctor, who instilled revolutionary ideas about health care and nutrition. Our clinic combines these health methods with medical science.
The Association´s policy emphasizes the learning of preventive measures in order to avoid various possible illnesses and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Our wonderful SPA is the perfect retreat for those who need relaxation, a comfortable accommodation or those who wish to regain their strengths. 
Our health foods at the clinic consist mostly of local vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and our fresh Icelandic fish. Vegetables and extensive range of herbs offered at the SPA are grown in our own greenhouses and gardens. Our land where we grow our veggies and herbs have been declared free of any genetically engineered life form. We are absolutely GMO-free.
NLFI Spa and Medical Clinic are located in Hveragerði and we are open all year around.


Our spa and medical clinic offer a fantastic variety of accommodation. We have simple rooms with shared bathrooms to 47 m2 luxury bedroom apartments. 
No alcohol is served at the clinic but as said earlier our kitchen offers vegetarian food and fish and of course our lovely breakfast buffet is free of charge for everyone who we are accommodating. Also included is our gym.
Located nearby are many hiking trails in Hveragerði which the adventurous are free to explore and we have a 9 hole golf course just right around the corner.


We have an extensive variety of health session and treatments that run in weekdays and you can also specially book a lot of health focused treatments after our normal closing time. That includes geothermal mud baths, massages, and acupuncture and health baths to say the least.
We look forward to improve your health.
For more information you can visit our website.

For booking you can contact us via email or phone us.

Contact Information


Heilsustofnun NLFÍ
Grænumörk 10,
810 Hveragerði
the South
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