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Come and visit us and you will fall in love with Iceland!

Iceland – one of the few places on earth where a human can enjoy this freedom, breeze of fresh ocean, untamed vulcanos and mountains, beautiful valleys and hot springs.
If you have rented a car the only thing you need is to plan your trip and start an unforgettable journey. From your car rental company you will get information about fuel prices and gas station locations. Our company GILDO ehf can give you all information that you need when traveling in Iceland hotels, museums, restaurants, tourist bureos and of course car rentals.

Our car rental offer cars for low prices. If your plan is only to travel around island on main roads you do not need a big car with 4x4, it is enough to rent a small, cheap car, which you can also rent for low cost at GILDO ehf.

Remember that GILDO is known for working with each client individually, we help you to choose the right car for your trip and also help you with the travel plan if you are interested in it. Contact staff of GILDO ehf and we will do our best to help you enjoy your stay in Iceland as much as possible.

If you do not have driver´s license, don´t worry, we also offer private guided jeep tours!

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GILDO - Car Rental

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