Throughout the year there are many festivals and events taking place all over Iceland.

Reykjavík hosts large, annual celebrations such as Culture Night, Gay Pride, and Iceland Airwaves, where thousands of people gather together to enjoy themselves.  

Small towns and villages around the country also celebrate national and local events and host music and cultural festivals. Fisherman’s Day (last Saturday in May or first Saturday in June), in particular, plays a big part in the life of small communities.

From eating cream cakes on Bolludagur (Bun Day) or salt meat on Sprengidagur (Bursting Day) to celebrating the coming of summer in frosty April, seasonal events are one of the ways in which Icelanders celebrate and preserve their rich heritage.

The chances are that Iceland will be celebrating something special during your time in the country.

You’ll find more information about local annual events and festivals in Iceland below.

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