The Coffee Hot Spot of Reykjavík at the Old Harbour

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Café Haiti is an unpretentious little café that serves up a great cup of coffee, from beans roasted fresh every morning right on the premises. Here you can start your day with an excellent latte or cappuccino, along with a croissant or two; for this is one of the few places in the area that opens for breakfast -  8.30 to be precise.
The laid back atmosphere is also a favourite with locals for lunch - quiche, fish and vegetable soups served with fresh bread. More fish dishes are slated to be added to the menu - Icelandic plokkfiskur (a traditional Icelandic thick fish stew), a delicious cod tartare, smoked salmon on toast, and a good solid ‘catch of the day’ dish.
This summer, Café Haiti will be extending its menu to include authentic French crepes, both savoury and sweet. Served on the terrace, I can just image that lovely warm aroma of hot crepes, that will undoubtedly draw in the crowds. As the evening sun sets across Faxafloi Bay, be sure to pop in to Café Haiti on a weekend night to catch the sounds of live music by local singers and musicians who offer a variety of both homegrown and more exotic sounds of distant lands. A definite must this summer in Reykjavik.

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