The National Beer Day

Beer was banned in Iceland for more than 70 years. In 1915, the country voted in favour of prohibiting all alcoholic drinks, which lasted until 1935, when the ban was lifted on everything except beer with an alcohol content of more than 2.2%.

As more and more Icelanders travelled internationally, they became reacquainted with beer, and, over the years, support for prohibition gradually lessened. Bills to legalise beer were regularly put to the Icelandic parliament, but they were always rejected. In order to get around this, Icelanders would try to imitate the real thing by adding legal spirits to legal non-alcoholic beer, called Pilsner. It became clear that the country wanted beer in Iceland.

On 1 March 1989, the ban was finally lifted when parliament voted 13 to 8 to allow beer to be sold in Iceland again. Ever since, 1 March has been celebrated as ‘Beer Day’.

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