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Arctic Adventures is an Icelandic Adventure-Travel company, and we emphasize on ecotourism and compassion for the outdoors. Established in 1983 as a rafting company, we have been operating for almost 30 years, and we are going stronger than ever! We are proud Icelanders who know this land like the back of our hands. Arctic Adventures operates a multitude of tours in South Iceland, both from our headquarters in Reykjavík´s city center and our base camps on the Golden Circle close to Geysir and Gullfoss and in Skaftafell in the South East.


We offer a wide range of breathtaking adventures – both day trips and longer tours:

You neither have to be an experienced snorkeler nor a highly skilled glacier hiker or have years of rafting expert-knowledge. Let us take care of introducing you to Iceland´s wild and pristine nature in one of our tour guides´ company. We handpick each and every one of our guides, and they are carefully trained and certified to ensure your safety and comfort at all times.


Iceland’s wilderness is unique in many ways, perhaps most of all because it remains largely intact and undisturbed. At Arctic Adventures, we are committed to sharing our love and respect for our great outdoors with every one of our guests through one-of-a-kind wilderness experiences. Leading by example, we continue to set standards in Iceland’s young adventure industry in hope of promoting attitudes and practices that will keep our wilderness thriving in future generations.

Our four guidelines are:

Take nothing but pictures.
Kill nothing but time.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Make nothing but memories.

For further information please visit our website.

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Arctic Adventures
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