Whale watching

I have been on a whale watching tour here in Reykjavik with Elding! It was such an amazing experience

A group Whale Watching in Iceland

Article by Jenny Gerleman - an intern at PlanIceland.com

We went out with the boat around 9 o'clock, it takes about 50 minutes to get to the place where we should see the whales. On the way there a guide was informing us about whales, what to do in emergencies and what kind of seabirds there is on Iceland. The most common whale in Iceland is Minke whale and White-beaked dolphin but if you are lucky you could maybe get a look on the Humpback whale, Harbor Porpoise and the Ocra (killer whale). Do you know the movie Free Willy? Keiko the whale in the movie actually comes from Iceland!

Jenny the intern Whale Watching in Iceland Elding provided those who wanted with overalls, and it was a smart move to borrow the overalls because it was windy and cold outside. When we arrived to the place with all the whales I went up to the upper deck to get a better glimpse of the whales. On the upper deck the guide told us that we should look for a blow or a spout of water coming up from the surface. When someone spotted a whale spouted out water from blowholes the boat drove over there so we could get a better sight on it if it comes up to the surface again. And it sure did come up to the surface! It was so mighty to see it. It was probably two minke whales around us.

Lighthouse in Reykjavik

When the time was running out the guide told us that it would be fun if we got to see dolphins, and sure we got to see dolphins. During the last 10 minutes, we saw a family of white-beaked dolphins!

It was a really fun trip that only takes 3 hours, and it’s worth it even if I was a little seasick. But Elding provides seasick pills to everyone who wants, but I was dumb enough not to take any. I recommend you all guys to take this trip!


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