Skrúður Garden

The founder of Skrúður was Reverend Sigtryggur Guðlaugsson, the dean at Núpur. The garden was officially opened on August 7th 1909. Vegetation in the garden grew and flourished through 1980, but after that time the garden did not receive much attention. In 1992, a group of people decided on their own to restore the garden, and on August 18th 1996 they formally returned the garden to its owner - the Ministry of Education. In November of the same year the Ministry handed over the garden to the town of Ísafjörður to own and care for. The formal aim of the garden is to be a memorial to itself and to the concept of school gardens where the sustaining of natureís bounty and environmental education are linked to the operations of public schools. The garden is also an example of successful horticulture in such northern climes, and as such, a notable part of the country's horticultural history.

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