Reykjavík Culture Night

Reykjavik Culture Night has become an essential part of the cultural life in Iceland. Reykjavik Culture Night itself attracts more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world. People walk through the city streets with the midnight sun keeping things bright for almost 24 hours. Since 1996, this annual event has become increasingly popular.
Reykjavík Culture Night actually consists of two events; The Reykjavík Marathon that starts in the morning and the Culture Festival which continues for the rest of the day. It all takes place on the third weekend in August, close to August 18th, which is Reykjavik´s anniversary. Together they make up the city's most popular event bringing culture and sport together.
Culture Night offers both young and old the chance to enjoy a variety of activities ranging from traditional shows and exhibitions to more unusual happenings in and around the city. The day is loaded with organized as well as unorganized activities, which includes numerous  events and entertainment. There are guided tours, art exhibitions, outdoor concerts, Icelandic dance performances, street vendors and fireworks.
A varied number of galleries, shops, cafes, restaurants, churches and bars, in downtown  Reykjavik stay open late to cater for the large crowds. The capital comes alive and buzzes with excitement well into the early hourswith people strolling through the cityenjoying this eventful night.
If you are in Reykjavík on this day, then make sure you try some of the local food. You can try the ever-popular Icelandic hot dog which are sold everywhere. Some of the city people open their doors for free waffles for the guests of the event.
In Reykjavík Culture Night you are guaranteed a new  experience that can only be found in Iceland.
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