Nothern lights - Better luck next time!

Better luck next time!

Article by Jenny Gerleman - an intern at

So,I have tried to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis that it is also known as.... 

I have never seen the Northern Lights, except one time last summer in August when I was in Kirkjubæjarklaustur but it wasn’t so big.
When you are going to watch Northern Lights you have to go out of town. So my grandfather and I drove from downtown of Reykjavik around half past nine to Þingvellir. It was obvious that Northern Light is a big Icelandic tourist trap with all the cars and tourist busses that were on the same mission as we, to see the Northern Light.
The first stop was at the lake Þingvallavatn. We enjoyed the view there for about 30 minutes before heading to a darker place, because it was still to light outside and the lights from Reykjavik was still too bright. We drove in to the valleys of Þingvellir. It’s so beautiful there, even though it was dark the moon lit up the landscape pretty good. My grandfather told me some stories about trolls, elves and what the landscape is called. Even though we were out from half past nine to midnight we didn’t see the Northern Light, I think it was because the moon was to bright yesterday. You can’t control the natural phenomena, but my hunt for the Northern Lights continues…


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