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You will find a complete guide to Icelandic service providers here at - Whether you´re planning a visit to the world famous Blue Lagoon, going snowmobiling or deciding on hotels or rental cars.

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About Iceland

Things you might want to know about Iceland, Icelanders, the weather in Iceland, the Icelandic language and much more.
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Various fun and informative articles about Iceland written by Icelanders, to get a better feel for Iceland and just to have a great read. Click here to check out all the articles

Explore the map

Don´t get lost in Iceland. Click here to explore the map of Iceland and get directions


There are a lot of fun and exciting activities to choose from such as River Rafting, Dog Sledding, Whale Watching and Ice Climbing.
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In beautiful Iceland there are various attractions to choose from. With everything from Volcanos and Glaciers to Waterfalls.
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